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Annual Membership Terms and Conditions 

Upon the purchase of an annual membership, the member, and parent or guardian, accept all terms and condition of the membership.   

In all other cases and except where inconsistent with the membership application, the member for him/herself, his/her executors, administrators, dependents and other personal representatives, hereby absolves and indemnifies the providers and all their servants, agents, employees and other student or persons under the providers control (the "indemnified") from all liability howsoever arising for injury or damage (including but not limited to the members' person, whether fatal or otherwise, property and personal belongings) however cause by the negligence of the indemnified, arising out of or participating in Budo Kenkyukai Martial Arts or in connection with Budo Kenkyukai or In anyway caused by, or arising out of , any activity carried on by the indemnified.  

I, the member, and parent or guardian, have been advised and understand that the practice of Budo Kenkuykai Martial Arts is potentially dangerous. 

I, the member, and parent or guardian, agree to occupy and use the premises of Budo Kenkyukai Martial Arts Academy at the risk to myself, and release to the full extent permitted by law Graeme Sneddon, the Budo Kenkyukai Martial Arts Academy and it's agents, servants, contractors and employees from all claims and demand of every kind in of or resulting from any accident or damage to property or injury or death to myself while undertaking training in Martial Arts with the Budo Kenkyukai Martial Arts Academy.  Any person training in martial arts (i.e. pad striking, person to person self defence, sparring, board and brick breaking) or in activities connected with martial arts or participating in any activity carried on by this club / academy is only allowed to do so on the distinct understanding that they do so entirely at their own risk

Declaration - I have read and understood the terms of the martial arts contract or if I did not understand the terms of the contract I requested an independent person to explain them to me.   This declaration is made upon completing and submitting an application for membership. 


"Our son has been training with BKK for 4 1/2 years and our daughter for 2 1/2 years and we can see how proud they are for what they have achieved so far with the BKK family. The positive, professional and fun environment at the Dojo provides the perfect arena to foster life skills, self-defence, confidence, fitness and discipline that our children will benefit from for years to come."


Alison and Nigel

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