What is Budo Kenkyukai?


The Australian Martial Arts Research Network is a progressive martial art with time-honoured values. Budo is a discipline of austere training which promotes etiquette, skilful technique, physical strength and the unity of mind and body.

The object of Budo is to cultivate character, enrich the ability to make value judgements and foster a well-disciplined and capable individual through participation in physical and mental training utilising martial techniques.

The technical foundations derive from over 35 years of active study into Kempo, Karate, Thai Boxing, Jiu Jitsu and edged weapons.

Today's media constantly reminds us of the need for an effective method of self-defence. BKK's primary focus is to utilise realistic martial arts techniques and strategies that provide men, women and children with the appropriate harm minimisation and conflict resolution skills to deal with situations that call for immediate and effective action.

Dojo Kun (Oath)
See the value in all arts and continue to retain an open mind.

Mission Statement
A dynamic organisation of highly skilled, accredited instructors committed to educating, motivating and developing students of all ages in the martial art that is Budo Kenkyukai.

Vision Statement
Men, women and children who are physically and mentally healthy, self-confident and able to resolve conflict situations safely.