Whatever it takes!

PowerCamp is an epic annual event held over three days at the end of the year. Adults and teens (all levels) and children grading for black belt are welcome. It is the only time all dojos train together in one style; one physical dojo, once a year. The growth that occurs in the martial artist from the intensive sessions, expert instruction and varied partners is unmatched. Grading takes place on Sunday, and family and friends of students grading are welcome to witness the spectacle. Whether you're grading or training only, once you've been to PowerCamp, you'll never want to miss another.

This year's COVID-19 events have posed challenges and necessary adjustments in training, Kyu gradings and likely PowerCamp 2020. To ensure safety, PowerCamp details will be finalised closer to the event. Watch this space for updates...

PowerCamp 2020
October 30 - November 1
Applications close September 30

See your Branch Chief for an application.
I encourage you to take up the challenge.