What is PowerCamp?

Picture this...

Splintering wood. Brows covered in sweat. Shins thudding kick bags. Gloves thumping mitts. The noise of dozens of people, working together, working as one. This is PowerCamp.

It's the single most anticipated event of the BKK year. A weekend most people spend years training for. It's a chance for many to earn their Black Belt. For others it is the ultimate training experience, the opportunity to train amongst the most elite of our style.

It's a weekend of technical training and pressure testing. You'll be working with new partners and instructed by different Sensei in order to gain new skills and refine old ones.

It's an event for coloured and black belts. For adults and teenagers alike, for the newcomers and the veterans. People that are ready to be inspired and willing to work hard. Those who remember the atmosphere of previous camps and those who are eager for more.

What you will see will be extraordinary. You'll be pushed to new bounds and discover abilities you thought were beyond human. Incredible acts of strength and flexibility will leave you in awe and drive you to achieve the same.

If you want to enrich your martial arts journey then put yourself to the test. Do you have what it takes?

Contact your Sensei to be part of PowerCamp 2019 November 1-3 - applications close October 20.


Graeme Sneddon


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